Our characters will go through a transformation during this journey. At the beginning, they were hopeful, cautious and even excited about the trip.  They were convinced that it was their best option given their circumstances and they were looking at an uncertain but bright future.

Once apprehended or after crossing the border, they have been scarred by this experience.  Some of the scars might be physical: severed limbs, illnesses or injuries. But some other scars are not so easy to see: rape, abuse, torture and trafficking.


Young girl who is 8-12 years old.

Looking for family reunification

High risk of human trafficking and kidnapping




Young woman who is 12-16 years old

Looking to support parents or herself

Sexually abused during the journey and might be pregnant





Transgender woman who is 16-20 years old

Escaping abuse and discrimination

Extreme risk of sexual and physical abuse




Young woman who is 14-18 years old

Offered a job by a smuggler

Human trafficking victim



Young man who is 16-20 years old

Looking to support parents or his own family

Lives in fear of deportation and discrimination


The experts

Psychologists, Social Workers, Journalists, etc.

Responsible for children’s welfare

The authorities

Border Patrol, Homeland Security, etc.

Responsible for arrests, detentions and incarceration

The advocates

Priests, Human Rights Organizations, IOM, etc.

Advocates for protection, creation of opportunities and education